Make Sure Bugs Stay Out of Your Home or Business

Stay safe with pest removal services in Toledo, OH

Pests such as rodents and roaches carry deadly diseases that can affect your family or staff. Keep yourself and those around you safe by hiring One Earth Pest Control for pest removal services in Toledo, OH and surrounding areas. We've been offering eco-friendly pest control solutions for over 11 years, so you'll get results with us.

Experience the difference our team makes with humane and green alternatives to rat traps and pesticides. Call us at 419-356-0864 today and let us know what pest you think is in your walls.

We'll keep your home or office safe

There are a number of pests that can attack you, and we can safely handle them all with pest removal services.

We remove and prevent:

We also remove insects that sting, but we safely remove and relocate pollinating insects like bees. Learn why we especially protect bees with eco-friendly pest control by emailing us.