Don't Let Roaches Roam in Your Office

Get eco-friendly roach extermination solutions in Toledo, OH

Did you see a roach scurry across your floor? If you see one, there's probably more hiding somewhere. You can remove all roaches from your home or business with One Earth Pest Control. We've been providing successful roach control and extermination in Toledo, OH and surrounding areas for over 11 years.

We remove disease-carrying roaches and prevent them from returning with eco-friendly solutions that are safe for you and the environment. Get a free estimate for your roach extermination needs by calling us at 419-356-0864.

Roach Facts

Roaches are colonizing insects, when you see a roach scurry across the counter or wall. It means they have grown so large that they no-longer have space for that roach and they need to go off any make their own colonies. Cockroaches bread up to 8 times per year. Each capsule can contain 48 roaches. This means they can reproduce incredibly fast. Cockroaches eat rotting garbage, spreading diseases such as salmonella and gastroenteritis.