Mice and Rats Can Harm Your Home and Family

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Fire experts believe that 20% of unknown house fires are caused by rodents. Making them a major concern when infesting a home.

It's important to understand rodents are a homes worst nightmare. They bring many diseases into a home. They all carry worms and other pathogens. Rodents carry parasites and other insects into a home. In the past Rodents have been responsible for the following diseases.

Bubonic Plague or known as the Black death. The Bubonic Plague which wiped out 30% of Europe during the Middle Ages, due to a flea riding on the back of the rats.
Salmonellosis is spread through rodent feces and food contamination. It is important when an infestation is noticed that all food is stored properly in containers.
Hantavirus is mostly caused when you inhale particles of rodent feces. This can also be transmitted when in contact with feces and urine.
Rat-Bite fever is scary because no-one wants to be that close to a rodent. A rodent's bite can lead to severe and life-threatening illness if that treated with proper antibiotics